Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Architect Unveils Details of 'Makeover' House

A new house and resource center -- complete with a wind-powered electricity generator -- were taking shape today in the Near Eastside neighborhood where hundreds of volunteers were participating in the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" show to be aired in May.

Head architect Greg Cradick, 40, Westfield, said he spent five weeks designing the house, giving it what he calls a modest, urban look.

The design is "simple, responsible, and when all the cameras are gone, we want a responsible home that will trigger more development of a similar style," he said.

Cradick said the main level will have a master bedroom; a combined living room, dining room and kitchen; an office; and a big front porch. The second story has three bedrooms for the boys, plus a bathroom. The home also has a basement, which will be used to house mechanical needs and provide storage.

The exterior will be mostly brick, but also have concrete fiber sideboard, Cradick said.

Next to the house, the 975-square-foot resource center is framed, with a rough roof, wallboard and windows already installed. The center was designed as a library for the family, and is expected to contain educational software for McFarland to use.

A courtyard patio with concrete pavers and benches will sit between the house and the resource center.

Brad Love, an executive vice president of the Carmel-based homebuilder, Estridge, said the house will have spray-foam insulation and a geothermal heating-and-cooling system.

Plus, a low-maintenance, wind-powered generator will be installed for supplemental electricity, to help keep power bills low, said Love, 49, Westfield.

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